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    Saturday, December 8, 2018

    Benefits of Hibiscus for the treatment of low and high pressure

    Hibiscus is one of the herbs that many prefer to eat for their good taste and have beneficial health effects, in order to maintain public health.

    Advantages of the hibiscus

    Dr. Al-Taya, a consultant in gastroenterology, therapeutic nutrition and obesity, said that hibiscus is a drink that is part of healthy beverages because it has many benefits.
    Hibiscus and low pressure
    Hibiscus is a healthy drink beneficial to patients who do not alter the level of blood pressure in the body. If you take a cup of hot hibiscus, it helps in case of hypertension in patients with low pressure.

    Hibiscus and high pressure

    A cup of cold hibiscus helps lower blood pressure in the body in patients with high pressure problems.

    Basic tips to consider before eating hibiscus

    Therefore, it is recommended d. Taya should not take a lot of hibiscus, especially diabetics, to avoid high glucose levels, because the preparation of the hibiscus mixture requires the addition of a large amount of sugar to the diabetic patient, as well as to avoid weight gain. Nobody

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